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Sexual Addiction – Can One Ever Have Too Much Sex?

Many people enjoy healthy, active sexual relationships which are mutually satisfying to both parties. However, even if both individuals are invested in the relationship, there are certainly nights when one partner shows more interest in having sex than the other, and that is perfectly normal. It only verges on the abnormal if one person persistently fails to be satiated by an active sexual relationship or begins pressuring their partner for certain sexual acts that he or she is not comfortable with; in this case, the possibility of a sexual addiction may be explored. Regardless of the extent of one’s sexual activity, it is important to engage in proper penis care and always practice safe sex.Is sexual addiction a real thing?Sexual addiction has been a relatively hot topic in the media, with prominent celebrities, politicians and sports figures publicly announcing their addiction and seeking rehab. While naysayers may believe the umbrella of sexual addiction is just a “get out of jail free card” for bad behavior, many psychologists and psychotherapists believe sexual addiction does exist and is treatable.Simply put, sexual addiction occurs when one is overcome with thoughts and behaviors about sexual activity that are out of one’s ability to control. Just like other addictions, sexual addiction occurs when the pleasure centers in the brain fail to send the brain a message of satisfaction. Thus, an individual may continuously pursue sexual pleasure to excess, as the brain does not ever feel they have had enough.If a person likes sex, does that make them an addict?Plenty of people enjoy sex, food or alcohol without reaching the level of addiction. The clinical definition of addiction encompasses behavior that interferes with other aspects of daily living. For instance, if an individual cannot hold down a job because they are perpetually surfing the Internet for porn, they may have reached the level of addiction, as it is clearly interfering with their overall functioning. Or, if a string of failed relationships have directly resulted from sexual pursuits outside of the relationship, one may have a problem. Additionally, if a person has made unsuccessful attempts to cut back or stop certain sexual pursuits altogether – especially when it is causing harm to some area of their life – they may need to seek treatment for this maladaptive behavior.Are there different types of sexual addiction?While all addictions – sexual or otherwise – play on the same circuitry in the brain, there are certain types of sexual urges that are more likely to lead to compulsive, uncontrolled behavior. Often, but not always, sexual addiction revolves around dangerous, risky behaviors that seem more exciting to the individual engaging in them. Examples of risky sexual behavior include: voyeurism (watching strangers without their knowledge, often while masturbating), frotteurism (rubbing one’s genitals against an non-consenting stranger for pleasure), visiting prostitutes, engaging in unprotected sex – often with multiple partners in the same night, extramarital affairs, exhibitionism (flashing one’s genitals in public), masturbating in public, excessive use of pornography, chat rooms or phone sex. Individuals who engage in these types of behavior get a “rush” from the danger of the activities, which is enjoyable and therefore leads to repeating the actions over and over again.Can sexual addiction be treated?There are numerous options for individuals who feel they need help with sexual addiction. Many inpatient treatment facilities are available; while in treatment, patients participate in individual and group therapy. They may receive medication management and learn coping skills to deal with their addiction. Less severe individuals may find success working with a sex therapist in an outpatient setting. There are also numerous free support groups and 12-step programs.Sexual health careAll sexually active men – whether they suffer from addiction or not – need to engage in daily penis care in order to maintain their sexual health. Condoms should be used with all sexual encounters to prevent the transmission of diseases. Additionally, a penis health cream may be applied daily (most professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil). A penis cream that specially formulated with vitamins and minerals can help prevent cracked penis skin, improve circulation to the area and enhance sensitivity.